Amon Rapp is a research fellow at the Computer Science Department at University of Torino, where he is a member of the Smart Interactive Objects and Systems group. He is currently the head of the Smart Objects Lab at ICxT (Center for Innovation for Society and Territory). His main research interests are related to the use of ethnographic methods for the design of interactive systems, theoretical issues and opportunities in designing behavior change technologies and personal informatics tools, as well as novel techniques for creating gamified applications. He conducted a four-year reflexive ethnography in World of Warcraft to find game elements suitable to be transferred to other domains. His research activity resulted in the organization of different workshops: “LinkQS” at Hypertext 2014, “New Frontiers of Quantified Self” at UBICOMP 2015-2016-2017, “Fictional Game Elements” at CHI Play 2016, Data Driven Gamification Design at Mindtrek ‘17. He teaches as an adjunct professor the Psychology of Human-Technology Interaction course at the Psychology Master’s Degree in the University of Torino. He is the guest editor for the special issue on gamification at the International journal of Human-Computer studies, and for the special issue on personal data at UMUAI, the journal of Personalization research. He organized and conducted the tutorial on Games, Gamification and Personalization at ACM UMAP ‘16.